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Cycling Courses

        Author Denys Beames
Author Denys Beames was the first-ever bicycle safety coordinator in Canada for the City of Toronto. While there he helped develop the Can-Bike program of cycling traffic education for the Canadian Cycling Association and is a National Examiner in that program.


Legal Cases

Denys Beames has acted as a consultant in cycling cases both in Victoria, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario.

Road Safety Improvements

Denys has worked with the Vancouver Island Safety Council. His efforts led to stoplight sensors in Victoria being sensitized to pick up the presence of bicycles. Now a bicycle symbol on the pavement shows cyclists where to stop to trigger the stoplight sensors at demand-driven lights in Greater Victoria.

Cycling Survey Analysis

Under contract to Town of Sidney, Denys analyzed Sidney mass cycling survey and made recommendations for development of town Bicycle Plan.

Accident Statistics Analysis

Denys worked for the City of Toronto to develop the first Canadian comprehensive bicycle traffic accident reporting analysis and statistics. His investigations led to the development an evidence-based bicycle accident reduction strategy for the City of Toronto.

Courses Offered

  •    CAN-BIKE II Instructors Refresher Course
  •    CAN-BIKE I Instructors Refresher Course
  •    CAN-BIKE Skills II Instructor Workshop
  •    CAN-BIKE Skills II/Skills I Instructor
  •    CAN-BIKE Skills II
  •    CAN-BIKE Skills I

More about Courses


- As chair of the Bicycle Safety Task Force in Victoria, liaised with and wrote material for the CRD Traffic Safety Commission bicycle safety campaign for 1989

- Wrote an award-winning series of planning-oriented articles on cycling and its future in Greater Victoria for Monday Magazine.

- Author of City Cycling Skills and Smart Cycling booklets for the City of Toronto. Booklets acclaimed across North America for excellence.

- Wrote "Bicycle Accident Countermeasures" report for City of Toronto. This report formed the basis for an annual campaign to reduce bicycle accidents.

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